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Our Goal

VIDA airbrush tanning studio wants to bring beauty into everyone's lives. VIDA carefully provides clients with a natural color that is customized and suits the client's needs.  Whether you are attending a party, going to a wedding, prom, or even just for a new look; airbrush tans make all the difference. Let us help you achieve the healthy flawless glow you have been wanting!

Not only are the ingredients top-notch, but we are also proud to offer a product line that provides the ability to easily mix over 100 different colors, meaning a much more customized experience. Other companies still maintain the “one-size-fits-all” mentality when developing their products, which often means spraying multiple coats of solution to achieve a darker result, leaving clients feeling sticky and wet. With all of our options we are able to provide flawless results for any skin tone in just one light application!


Our Product Description:

All natural                                          Doctor formulated                                                      

Alcohol-free                                       Not tested on Animals    

Water-based                                      Oil-free                            

Erythrulose-free                               Free of harsh dyes and chemicals

Vegan                                                  Nut-free and allergen-free                         

Fragrance-free                                  Only made with FDA approved Ingredients            

Fast Drying                                         Non-comedogenic            

Hypoallergenic                                   Composed of the highest quality, premium grade DHA


 Always fresh and come with a 6 month shelf-life guarantee.                                       Composed of the highest quality, premium grade DHA.